Our Service Model

As an established digital agency in Washington D.C., GSS’s in-house management and digital strategy team is supported by vetted strategic partners to provide customized design and development solutions that scale to your specific needs. Our goal and mission is to provide comprehensive business solutions backed by tested, data-driven methodologies that lead to greater returns across all project and/or campaign initiatives.

How We Work

Whether we’re designing your website, building your brand, or crafting your marketing campaign, our approach to your project must be two things — Strategic and Measurable.


Search Engine Marketing

AdWords Express / AdWords / Bing

To ensure your website always ranks at the top of search results, it is necessary to implement a highly targeted search engine advertising campaign. GSS will research and purchase “keywords” critical to your brand and proactively mange the campaign budget to steadily reduce your Cost-Per-Conversion. Visitors will then be re-engaged as they browse other websites via the configuration of customized tracking pixels.

Website Design & Development

We specialize in WordPress and Squarespace

From members-only websites to robust advocacy and e-commerce systems, GSS works with you to develop customized web solutions.


Our skilled team develops visually powerful web designs, as well as scalable and secure content management systems, with the goal of increasing engagement and fulfilling your marketing objectives. We tackle difficult CRM integrations to complex online systems and work to ensure your customers and advocates have an excellent user experience.


With every project, our primary focus beyond developing a successful product is maintaining frequent and open communication with our clients.


Branding & Design

Comprehensive  Visual Identity:  Logo – Iconography – Style Guides

We believe a brand is a reputation – driven by a collection of perceptions, emotions, and experiences. Brands are innately human and are built by and for people. We believe good brands are three things:


  • Meaningful: Heartfelt passion that drives all stakeholders forward.
  • Ownable: Courageous determination to carve out a relevant difference in the market.
  • Supported: A commitment to organizing activities that reinforce our position and meaning.
  • Valuable: A deep emotional connections that drives a willingness to pay more for quality.

Social Media Campaign Management

Engage your audience with compelling copy that drives conversions

Combined with audience segmentation, our Social Media campaigns provide your brand with a customized solution for achieving maximum ROI through your social channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). We maximize the reach and effectiveness of your campaign by expanding brand awareness among likely consumers and look-alike audiences to produce levels of engagement that exceed conventional methods.


These campaigns are structured to reach a large, yet segmented and highly engaged audience of likely consumers with content that evokes a defined conversion or call-to-action.


Don’t see a service you’re looking for? Or maybe you’re ready to take the next step? Reach out today and let us know how we can help!