Dredge America

Website Development & Digital Marketing

Upgrading the digital properties and online marketing for a premier dredging service provider in the midwest.

Integrated Brand Marketing

Dredge America is a national marine contractor performing dredging services throughout the US and North America. They specialize in portable hydraulic dredging services to restore our nation’s lakes, rivers, and waterways. With 25+ years experience, Dredge America is committed to continually improving its expertise and delivering quality dredging and consulting services.

Building off the success of the Dredging Contractors of America brand and website development project, Dredge America’s ownership approached GSS to service their outdated website and deliver similar performance results for their current and potential clientele. Dredge America was also running a 5-year long Google AdWords search campaign, which had be left unmonitored and needed a keyword analysis and creative refresh management. GSS leveraged Google’s suite of online marketing tools to enable tag management and true conversion tracking to deliver nearly 10% conversion rates (form submissions driven from paid media) and 200+ sales leads in 3 months post-launch of the website.

Visit the site: dredgeamerica.com


Digital Advertising
Marketing Strategy
Interactive Design
User Experience

Timeline / Life of the Lead

See the rich history of your contacts interactions with you, your website and your marketing content on the Life of the Lead. The timeline shows all communication your team has had with the contact, including calls and emails, as well as engagement touchpoints such as web page views, emails opened or clicked, Social Media interactions and Chatbot conversations.

Activity Feed

Get real time updates on how leads are engaging with your sales process – Activity Feed provides insights into which leads are interacting with your sales activities and collateral. See filterable activities in a live feed including:

  • Email Opens & Clicks
  • Website Visits
  • Media Views
  • Incoming Emails to your mailbox
  • Forms submitted
  • Social Media interactions (including LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)