We work with businesses large and small helping them adapt to change.

Engagement Philosophy

GSS carries a limited number of clients at any one time, ensuring that we stay involved in each project with depth and accuracy. In our experience, implementation of our BRAVE system has paid dividends with past and current clients, and we expect it to do the same for all future relationships:


  • Being Accountable – for all aspects of client engagement
  • Responding to Change – rather than blindly following the plan
  • Adapting and Iterating – small experiments in favor of big bets
  • Validated Learning – over opinions and convention
  • Embracing Discovery – contrary to static predictions

We Scale To Deliver

Long standing partnerships with both individual and large-scale design and development professionals allows GSS to scale to your project needs, not the other way around. By keeping our overhead low, we’re able to deliver superior services on faster timelines with competitive pricing.

Marketing Philosophy: Converged Media Model

The “Converged Media” Model for media marketing puts an emphasis on leveraging media from three (3) areas of media coverage / exposure:


|  Paid Media

|  Owned Media

|  Earned Media

Digital Strategy: Hub & Spoke Model

The “Hub & Spoke” Model for digital communications places your website at the center of all engagement opportunities with the advantage of advanced analytics and editorial control resources.

Here, each spoke is established to engage customers in the areas in which they spend their time online and draw them to your website (the Hub).

A Few of Our Clients

Want to know more? Check out our team page and explore our personal backgrounds and bios.