Sam Vincent

Chief Operating Officer

Sam Vincent is the COO of Gray Street Solutions, known for training people to become high performers and leaving an impact in his wake.

Sam Vincent is a technology enthusiast and scholar who has been tinkering with hardware and software from before the dawn of the internet. With a knack for discovering creative, yet efficient solutions to complex problems, Sam brings over 10 years of experience at the forefront of email marketing and marketing automation.

In 2015 Sam joined SharpSpring, becoming an expert in the Automation side of the Marketing Automation platform – Sam’s organizational and technical prowess brought clarity to multidisciplinary teams in support of SharpSpring’s Client Services, Account Management, Technical Support and the Onboarding Teams.

Following the closure of SharpSpring’s South African office, Sam went on to consult with SharpSpring Agencies, later joining FunnelBud – a Marketing Services and SharpSpring agency based in Sweden. Over the span of 4 years, Sam grew the bootstrapped startup from a sole-proprietorship to the most successful SharpSpring partner agency in Sweden with 13 full-time staff and over 60 happy clients.

Sam joined Gray Street Solutions in 2022 as their Chief Operating Officer (COO) to expand GSS’ Marketing Automation service offerings, improve internal processes and streamline service delivery. Sam plays a key role in agency strategy and has oversight of all agency operations.


When he’s not working, he’s usually found in the garden, practicing a no-dig style of Permaculture gardening aiming for semi self-sufficiency. Sam also enjoys spending time with his two rescue Doggos, Swimming, Hiking and Cooking, and is currently working to perfect his Pesto recipe made from home-grown Basil, Rocket & Origanum.

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Fearlessly Agile is more than a tagline, it's a philosophy of how we approach all of our engagements.


Stellenbosch University
  • B.A Socio Informatics


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