Service Terms

Last Updated 29 November 2022

All of our clients are given detailed contracts before commencing any engagements – the terms listed here are meant to provide additional transparency and are not intended to be a fully inclusive set of terms for all services.

SharpSpring Licenses


Licenses include up to 5 000 Contacts. Additional contacts are charged at the following rates:

  1. 5,001-10,000 Contacts: +$250 (As little as $50/1000 Contacts)
  2. 10,001-100,000 Contacts: +$750 (as little as $5.55/1000 Contacts)
  3. Additional contacts over 100k: +$6.00 / per 1,000 contacts
System Support

Support is intended to support you when things go wrong. When these hours are exceeded, standard retainer hours will be used. This includes investigations into unexpected behavior or issues that may occur and retroactive fixes for issues that may have occurred, where possible and where time allows

Add-Ons & Overages
Email Sync

Allows you to see your incoming and outgoing emails on your contact’s Timeline

$15 per synced Mailbox per month

Sales Dialer

Make outbound calls through SharpSpring with recordings and transcripts taken automatically

$50 per user per month

Email Litmus Testing

Make sure your emails are received looking the way they’re supposed to in all email clients
$1 – $3 per test

Emails Sent

25 000 Emails/month included

+$3 per 1 000 emails sent over 25,000 / month +$2 per 1 000 emails sent > 500k


$19-$49 per month – if required for reporting or integrations with 3rd party systems. 

Amount is dependent on Zapier usage & fees

Additional Email Domains

$150 per month per additional email domain that you need to send automated/smart emails from.



Any time remaining after onboarding is retained as standard Time Block hours to be used flexibly for any other services within your retainer scope.

Time Expenditure

Time spent will always be taken first from available monthly retainer hours, then from any available time blocks, and lastly billed as overages. We will always inform you before billing for overages and give you the opportunity to purchase a time block or defer the work instead.

Retainer Hours

We can implement everything for you and do limited marketing activities for you. All companies that we work with have unique needs, depending on the amount of consultation, content creation and other activities you may need additional hours on a regular basis. If we expect that to be the case, we may recommend additional retainer hours at a rate of $125/h. Services exclude Web Design / Development, Branding & Search Engine Marketing unless by prior agreement.

Retainer hours are divided into Service and Support hours as follows:

  • 6 Service Hours
  • 2 Support Hours
  • 12 Service Hours
  • 2 Support Hourss
  • 20 Service Hours
  • 4 Support Hours
Service and Support hours are defined as follows:

Service hours are for helping you achieve your goals – training, consulting, project management – anything normally involved service delivery

Support hours are for technical support and troubleshooting on the platform – any time spent investigating potential problems with the platform, unexpected behaviors etc.

Retainer Term

Our minimum retainer engagement is six months. Retainer hours do not carry over from one calendar month to the next. Retainers may not be adjusted downwards to a previous level more than once per quarter.

Time Blocks

Time block hours must be used within 12 months or will expire – we will inform you 1 month prior before any hours are due to expire. Estimates may be requested for approval before work is started. In the event the completion of a given task or project exceeds the estimated hours, you may purchase another time block.

Referral Program

For any new customers referred to Gray Street Solutions who complete an initial trial and sign-on to an annual (12-month) agreement, we will discount your monthly retainer service for each new account referred, dependent on the retainer level they select:

  • Essential: $150
  • Expanded: $200
  • Premier: $250

Discounts will apply for the first 12 months of new customer engagements as long as referred accounts are active.

Fine Print

Any signed contract with Gray Street Solutions may contradict these terms. In the case of any contradictory terms, your signed agreement will always supersede these terms.

Timeline / Life of the Lead

See the rich history of your contacts interactions with you, your website and your marketing content on the Life of the Lead. The timeline shows all communication your team has had with the contact, including calls and emails, as well as engagement touchpoints such as web page views, emails opened or clicked, Social Media interactions and Chatbot conversations.

Activity Feed

Get real time updates on how leads are engaging with your sales process – Activity Feed provides insights into which leads are interacting with your sales activities and collateral. See filterable activities in a live feed including:

  • Email Opens & Clicks
  • Website Visits
  • Media Views
  • Incoming Emails to your mailbox
  • Forms submitted
  • Social Media interactions (including LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)