Digital Strategy

Our Hub & Spoke Model

The  “Hub & Spoke” model of engagement places your website at the center your marketing program. All of your marketing activities should be approached from the standpoint of driving customers to your website due to the advanced Analytics & Conversion Tracking that is only truly possible on your website. Here, each spoke is established to engage customers where they spend their time, and draw them to your website (the “Hub”).

Website Design & Development

We specialize in WordPress and Squarespace

Our creative design and product development process is broken down into five (5) phases to achieve the best results possible and manage client expectations.  With every project, our primary focus beyond developing an excellent product is maintaining frequent and open communication with our clients.


Branding & Design

Comprehensive  Visual Identity:  Logo – Iconography – Style Guides

1.We will get to the bottom of who you are using a variety of in-depth branding exercises.

2.We will help analyze your audience profiles, which will allow you to gain insight on how to better reach and connect with them.

3.We will analyze various parts of your existing branding and find opportunities for improvement.

Social Media Campaign Management

Engage your audience with compelling copy that drives conversions

Social media products have become an integral part of the consumer marketplace and lifestyle, with companies and organizations continually refining their social strategy to better interact their target audience


Mobile Apps

Android & iOS Applications: Starting at $5,000

We’ll create a unique app, for any company or sector, entirely in the style of your brand. We can build a digital brochure and customize it with its own features, or create a completely custom app, complete with branding and style guidance by our team. You can make your app as feature-rich or as simple as you like!

Search Engine Marketing

AdWords Express / AdWords / Bing

To ensure your website always ranks at the top of search results, it is necessary to implement a highly targeted search engine advertising campaign. GSS will research and purchase “keywords” critical to your brand and proactively mange the campaign budget to steadily reduce your Cost-Per-Conversion. Visitors will then be re-engaged as they browse other websites via the configuration of customized tracking pixels.