Wisconsin Domestic Maritime Coalition

Marketing Strategy / Website Design & Development

WIDMAC – Establishing Wisconsin as a major Jones Act state

Wisconsin Domestic Maritime Coalition (WIDMAC) approached GSS to create a new face for the organization to replace their original microsite. The original site historically served as a place to host their newsletters, but was no longer sufficient for their needs. We worked with WIDMAC to develop a new, modern design and create all new content to establish Wisconsin as a major Jones Act state and show the value of the Wisconsin Maritime Industry to the U.S. Economy.

Design & Content Development:

GSS worked with the WIDMAC team along with performing independent research to develop their messaging strategy and website content. We developed an updated color scheme and modern, fluid typography for the site that changes size fluidly from its largest smallest as the browser size changes without any noticeable steps or jumping in between.

Newsletter-to-Blog Feature

Most marketers are familiar with the multi-step process of publishing news across multiple platforms – write a newsletter, update your blog, and perhaps create a post on Social Media — all for the same update. For WIDMAC, the website automatically receives a copy of all newsletters, that can simply be published as-is or with edits. This was built in a way that works with any email platform -HubSpot, MailChimp, or Constant Contact, it works with any mail-sending platform.

User Friendliness:

All collections of assets were built using custom content types – add a new Partner on the back-end and it appears on the carousel on the home page and the grid on the Partners page, with no time wasted adjusting layouts or adding the same content to multiple pages.


The updated site not only looks good but also achieves a 94% performance score on GTMetrix.


The results speak for themselves – compare the old and new websites below.

New Website

Original Website

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