MBDA, Inc.

Website Development & Digital Marketing

Aiding a foreign defense company’s US division communications team to manage product information market distribution and social listening.

Owned & Earned Media Promotion


In 2013, GSS was approached to fill a gap for the marketing and communications team at MBDA to promote the Dual-Mode Brimstone Missile, an air-to-ground weapon dubbed as the “most accurate precision strike product on the market,” targeting the Department of Defense (DoD) via social media to achieve US market penetration and visibility. GSS consulted on both Twitter communications, as well as traditional and non-tradition media buys for industry related media outlets.


See earned media mention: sploid.gizmodo.com/slow-motion-video-of-missile-that-never-misses


As a full service agency, GSS’s role would later evolve into one of managing MBDA Inc.’s digital assets, including its website and various social properties. GSS also directly assists the Director of Business Development & Communications for communications planning and marketing execution for trade shows, social listening and reporting via Brandwatch, and research and analysis reporting for MBDA Inc.’s parent company, MBDA Missile Systems, Ltd.


Visit the site: mbdainc.com



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