Brand Development / Graphic Design

Helping brands better tell their story and market services through beautifully designed marketing collateral and updated digital assets.

Marketing Collateral Design

AppShark is a Salesforce consulting company, a trusted adviser that can help you get more from Salesforce. AppShark brings deep connection and experience with Salesforce, both as a Silver Consulting Partner and as a Product Development Partner – a powerful combination to help you grow your business.

AppShark’s challenge was meeting stricter demands from Salesforce as a Salesforce implementation company, while maintaining an aesthetic that accurately reflects the professionalism of the brand. GSS worked with AppShark to develop and design assets that met both of these criteria.


Brand Development (Logo)
Graphic Design (Print)
Marketing Strategy

Timeline / Life of the Lead

See the rich history of your contacts interactions with you, your website and your marketing content on the Life of the Lead. The timeline shows all communication your team has had with the contact, including calls and emails, as well as engagement touchpoints such as web page views, emails opened or clicked, Social Media interactions and Chatbot conversations.

Activity Feed

Get real time updates on how leads are engaging with your sales process – Activity Feed provides insights into which leads are interacting with your sales activities and collateral. See filterable activities in a live feed including:

  • Email Opens & Clicks
  • Website Visits
  • Media Views
  • Incoming Emails to your mailbox
  • Forms submitted
  • Social Media interactions (including LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)