Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Toolbox

SharpSpring Tools for Marketers

Every marketer needs tools at their disposal – What does Gray Street Solutions and SharpSpring have to offer you?

SharpSpring combines a robust Marketing Automation system (email / social / chat / text) with a fully featured CRM. Super charge your marketing efforts with powerful tools to increase your productivity, drive more qualified leads to your Sales team and see comprehensive ROI for every marketing tactic by tracking the entire sales process from end-to-end.

These are just some of the tools available in the platform:
Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Dynamic Forms & Landing Pages

Build powerful landing pages and funnels that transform visitors into leads via a simple point-and-click editor or adapt a template from our extensive library.

Collect leads that integrate directly with the CRM. Build, customize and reorder fields effortlessly with the sleek drag-and-drop editor.

Dynamic forms autocomplete fields for known visitors to improve conversions and look great on any site!

Marketing Campaign Analytics & Tracking

With built-in reports and GSS’s setup expertise, data is collected right from the get-go to demonstrate the true ROI of your marketing efforts through end-to-end conversion cost and revenue.

Your website visitors’ conversions are automatically tracked from the moment they first visit, all the way through the final action – even if that action happens weeks or months later.

Get detailed campaign analytics that even work offline, without the effort of setting up conversion funnels.

Chat Bots

Increase conversions by giving your web visitors easy access to the information they need. Answer simple questions with predefined answers, send them an email or direct them to where they can find more info on your site. Chatbots can also be used to collect visitor information or schedule meetings!

Direct your visitors to chat with a real person via seamless Slack integration with your team’s calendars.

All chatbot conversations are recorded in your contact’s timelines, and answers to chatbot questions can be used to start any of your existing automation workflows, including email drip campaigns.

Smart Email Marketing

Drag-and-drop Email Editor

Create  stunning emails with an intuitive drag-and-drop email editor, backed by fully featured HTML editor

Custom Merge Variables for Personalized Email Marketing

Drag in pre-set layouts and elements, click to edit styles without writing a single line of code.

Start with professionally designed templates or create your own from basic layout blocks.

Email Marketing Workflows

Create powerful campaigns to educate your prospects and convert more of them to sales. Adjust your workflows based on prospect behaviors or involve a sales team member at critical points by creating tasks or sending notifications.


Organized Email Marketing

Organize your emails and templates by grouping them in folders.  Save time by copying emails and templates as a starting point for future projects!

Social Media Management

Post Once Across Unlimited Accounts

Turn any one-off post into a multi-channel winner by easily sharing great content across relevant social platforms and audiences simultaneously

Scheduling Social Posts

Get a comprehensive look at all of your planned content – social activity, scheduled emails, and blog posts – with the integrated Content Calendar.

Monitoring Social Media Conversations

Find out what folks have to say about your brand, competitors and industry. Spot customer queries or support issues and respond instantly.

Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Users

Manage all of your Twitter / Facebook / Instagram and LinkedIn pages  – within a single platform.

Contact Us

Timeline / Life of the Lead

See the rich history of your contacts interactions with you, your website and your marketing content on the Life of the Lead. The timeline shows all communication your team has had with the contact, including calls and emails, as well as engagement touchpoints such as web page views, emails opened or clicked, Social Media interactions and Chatbot conversations.

Activity Feed

Get real time updates on how leads are engaging with your sales process – Activity Feed provides insights into which leads are interacting with your sales activities and collateral. See filterable activities in a live feed including:

  • Email Opens & Clicks
  • Website Visits
  • Media Views
  • Incoming Emails to your mailbox
  • Forms submitted
  • Social Media interactions (including LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)