MBDA Careers UK

Digital Marketing

Aiding a foreign defense company’s human resources to recruit top talent and fill engineering positions via search engine marketing.

Paid Media Messaging & Delivery for HR Recruiting


Capitalizing on the success of the GSS-managed MBDA Inc. influencer targeting campaign, GSS was approached to assist in paid media–specifically search engine marketing (SEM) and Twitter content and creative promotion–to meet and exceed MBDA Careers UK (MBDA UK) recruiting and hiring goals in the United Kingdom.


Beginning in 2017 and continuing for 2018, GSS has budgeted, planned, and executed Google search and Twitter promoted tweets campaigns to great success. Additionally, GSS has designed and developed display ads distributed on the Google Display Network (GDN). GSS’s holistic advertising and conversion tracking approach also led to completing and synchronization of all Google-related assets (Google Tag Manager, Search Console, etc.) with MBDA UK’s talent management software, Taleo.


Visit the site: mbdacareers.co.uk

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