Dedicated to Puerto Rico

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Supporting relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico through strategic messaging and multi-lingual websites.

Cross-Functional Digital Advocacy


Dedicated to Puerto Rico (D2PR) is a messaging channel supporting reliable, on-time transportation services of essential goods between the U.S. Mainland and Puerto Rico. U.S- Puerto Rican maritime supports thousands of family-wage jobs and plays a key role in homeland security.


GSS created the D2PR website–from scratch–to deliver immediate messaging needs for policymakers in Washington, D.C. After Puerto Rico was left devastated in the wake of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, messaging priorities quickly shifted to the U.S. maritime’s support efforts, requiring a unified, multi-lingual website to clearly communicate with the people of Puerto Rico. GSS also actively manages Spanish-language paid media (AdWords) on behalf of D2PR.


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