MBDA Careers UK

Core Brand, Article Engagement & Social Remarketing


What The Client Needed

MBDA Careers UK needed to recruit 400+ new engineering positions annually for its campuses across the United Kingdom leveraging digital marketing tactics.

The Challenge

What Was The Problem

In a highly competitive marketplace for top STEM talent, MBDA UK needed to develop a multi-channel advertising campaign to provide a consistent level of brand awareness with the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and meet human resources requirements.

The Solution

What We Did

After developing a messaging calendar and measurement plan, GSS implemented a robust Conversion Tracking program to deliver targeted advertisements based on demographic profiles, geographic location and past engagement with MBDA’s digital properties.

The Result

What We Delivered

After successfully meeting 2017 hiring goal, MBDA UK has expanded their targets for 2018 by +35%. GSS has been engaged to continue and expand the campaign for the remainder of 2018. GSS employed  two (2) core digital marketing tactics via Google AdWords and Twitter:

Google AdWords (Search / Display Ads): GSS is currently managing a comprehensive digital advertising campaign that reaches potential candidates across all Google properties (Android / Google Search / Gmail / YouTube), as well Google’s Display Network (independent third-party websites) based on past engagement with MBDA’s website by prospective employees (Retargeting Audiences).


Twitter / Facebook (Content Engagement): GSS managed social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook have consistently performed above industry averages, while meeting client measurement expectations.

Ad Notes: The Facebook campaign ran for a 3-month trial and was limited to sidebar direct marketing advertisements.