Dredge America

Google Search
& Lead Generation Campaign


What The Client Needed

Dredge America wanted to improve the quality of incoming leads from its website and search results by aligning advertising spending to business verticals.

The Challenge

What Was The Problem

With no clear link between cost and performance, it was made difficult for management to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. Increased marketplace competition was driving up overall cost-per-click for important keywords.


The campaign was in serious need of an audit to examine the state of the market and a repositioning toward more precise keywords to capture search results for the client’s immediate goals.

The Solution

What We Did

GSS was engaged to redesign the website and improve the AdWords effectiveness by implementing:


Campaign Segmentation – Creation of distinct Ad Groups to prioritize spending and track performance by business verticals; and


Conversion Tracking – Linking Clicks from AdWords to clearly defined Key Performance Indicators.

The Result

What We Delivered

After restructuring the advertising campaign, Dredge America is now spending 40-60% less on AdWords, but seeing dramatically better results. Previously, the only data that was available was the cost of the advertisements, now we can show how well their campaigns are performing for each of their product and service areas. Following the optimizations GSS performed, 2017 was the client’s best year to data for generating new business leads online.

Trend Notes: The expansion of Google’s Smart Goal conversions helped deliver more positive numbers while expanding on touch points for visitors to engage with Dredge America’s content. The AdWords lifecycle will continue to provide meaningful traffic to the site, while boosting website SEO.