Case Studies



American Maritime Partnership

 The American Maritime Partnership (AMP) is the broadest, deepest coalition ever assembled to represent the domestic maritime industry.

Coalition For access Now

Coalition for Access Now is nonprofit organization led by families to educate the public on the health benefits of cannabis in the treatment of chronic health conditions.


EDGE Mobile Analytics is a mobile media monitoring application developed to alleviate email inbox overload with streamlined access to a suite of features in rapid-response situations.


MBDA Inc. is an American company and subsidiary of MBDA Group, a global $4B missile systems company with over 45 missile systems in use 90 militaries worldwide. 

Website Design & Development: Wordpress

Goal: Increase key analytical metrics among the association's target audience.

Mission: Launch a beautifully designed, easy-to-update website, while working on an aggressive timeline and budget.

The American Maritime Partnership (AMP) is the broadest, coalition ever assembled to represent the domestic maritime industry. AMP's 450-plus members span the United States and its territories.

GSS managed the entire website design and development process to deliver a comprehensive solution: rejuvenating the prestigious AMP brand within the digital space.

Launching an Advocacy website in 7 days

Goal: Establish a comprehensive digital advocacy platform to organize and engage advocates.

Advocate Paige Figi started the Coalition for Access Now after watching her daughter Charlotte suffer from epileptic seizures. Before she took hemp oil treatment, Charlotte experienced more than 1,200 seizures a month. With the treatment, she now has only a few. At present, this therapy is only accessible in Colorado, California, and Virginia. 

The Coalition for Access Now is working to make Charlotte’s Web available in more states, so that families don’t have to uproot their lives for this life-saving treatment. Starting up a new non-profit from scratch required not just a rapidly developed website, but one that could also grow with the organization and allow for families across the country to connect with each-other, and their elected officials anytime and from any device.

In this case, NationBuilder was the ideal platform, as it provides a unified Content Management System (CMS) and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system in one package. This allows the organization to centrally manage communications to family advocates to coordinate a massive advocacy campaign targeting federal and state elected officials. 

Launching GSS's Flagship Product: EDGE Mobile Analytics

Goal: Deliver a mobile media monitoring application to relieve email inbox alerting fatigue.

After using multiple leading enterprise media monitoring services, we noticed a troublesome pattern. Bells and whistles aside, they all primarily rely on email for notifications about breaking news. Moreover, regardless of your chosen analytics platform, if you cancel the service or need additional subscription based services (such as Politico Pro), you’re pretty much out of luck. Sure you could backup your mentions into a ghastly Excel file, but then what?

Maybe the next provider can rebuild your dashboards, maybe they can't. All those email filters and distribution systems you had setup before? No longer effective.

Either way, it's back to email alerts and hoping that you're awake and filtering your email when that next story breaks. When that BIG story does hit at 2:00 AM, hopefully you only CC the right people, and not that reporter or the entire office. Good thing you’re also in a nice quiet place where you can make calls to wake up the key decision makers. Maybe you’ve managed to do all of this in 15-30 minutes? Great! That is unless the article in question was written in the future, or European time, and you’re already a half-day behind.

Then, hopefully the erroneous information hasn’t been picked up by the AP and syndicated globally.


Push a few buttons, alert only the people on your team that matter and automatically schedule a conference call in 5 minutes or less. Can your media monitoring system do that? Or, as we like so say, #WhatsYourEDGE?

Unlike apps that to broadcast generic promotionals, EDGE only uses notifications to send alerts that you determine to be useful, directly to those who need to know via their mobile device’s lock screen. This allows for immediate and seamless access to a suite of features for streamlined rapid-response via private in-app messaging.

U.s. Government Capture Campaign

Goal: Introduce the Dual-Mode Brimstone Missile to the U.S. Government.

Mission: Establish and maintain a comprehensive digital public relations and marketing campaign targeting the U.S. Congress and Department of Defense. 

MBDA Inc. is an American company and subsidiary of MBDA Group, a global $4B missile systems company with over 45 missile systems in use 90 militaries worldwide. MBDA Inc. retained Gray Street Solutions in 2013 to manage the launch of two new websites and a comprehensive digital strategy to break into the most difficult marketplace in the world, the U.S. Department of Defense. Services provided in-house by GSS include:

  • Message Development / Media Outreach
  • Online Advertising: Search (Google / Bing) – Social (Reddit – Twitter)
  • Press / Media Outreach
  • Video Production / Promotion

GSS continues to assist with their digital strategy and social media management. 

Rapid Website Development: 10-Day Website + Logo + Infographic

Goal: Design, develop and launch a fully responsive website and custom infographic on a one-week timeline.

Mission: Deliver a website that is easy-to-update (drag and drop interface) and maintain, including automatic updates and a self-hosting solution

Voices for Public Safety (V4PS) was an advocacy campaign to raise awareness and drive comments to the Federal Communications Commission regarding potential changes to the technical infrastructure and management of nation's 9-1-1 emergency system.

GSS developed a custom SquareSpace website theme including original imagery and infographics. V4PS was taken from idea to reality in less than 10 days.